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The FSB took up the barbecue world

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Counterintelligence develops the mafia of the South of Russia and its patrons in uniform

Source: www.rucriminal.info

The lawyers of the criminal boss of the “authority” Vagan Nerkararyan (Kralik) of the south of Russia appealed the decision of the Presnensky court of Moscow on his arrest. Mafiosi is accused of extortion (Article 163 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), and a number of other prominent representatives of the criminal world, including thieves in law Eduard Asatryan (Edik Osetrina) and Gocha Antipov (Alfason), are involved in the case. The main investigation may concern a whole group of law enforcement officers from the Southern Federal District who are seen in the patronage of Karlik and his partners. Details in a joint investigation of Rucriminal.info, telegram channels of the Cheka-OGPU and The Crime Planet.

On April 28, a very noticeable event for the Russian criminal world occurred — the FSB central apparatus, in his house in the village of Rassvet not far from Rostov, detained Vagan Nerkararyan, previously considered untouchable in criminal circles, better known as Vagan Karlik. His attack group for many years kept the Rostov region at bay. The members of the organized crime group of Nerkararyan committed contract killings, kidnappings, robberies, extortion, smuggling weapons, drugs and cigarettes from Ukraine to Russia. Vagan Karlik was considered untouchable due to his strong ties with high-ranking corrupt security officials and officials. The dwarf moved to the South of Russia from Armenia and settled in the Rostov region, where many of his countrymen traditionally live. Some time after the move, Vagan began to trade in the illegal trade in gasoline directly from fuel trucks on the Taganrog-Rostov-on-Don highway. Having managed to earn some money, Vagan Nerkararyan opened a barbecue in Rostov, which has become a favorite gathering place for representatives of the Armenian ethnic criminal thief in law Armen Harutyunyan in the criminal world known as Armen Kanevskaya. Nerkararyan, taking advantage of the new connections and money of Armen Kanevsky, organized several institutions immediately known as the “Shish kebab yard” and “Shashlik world”.

Vagan understood that criminal ties with Armen Kanevsky promised great opportunities. By that time, Kanevskaya had already seized criminal power in the Krasnodar Territory and the Rostov Region, and to become part of his criminal clan was the main task of Nerkararyan. Despite the fact that Vagan Karlik was never close enough to “thief in law” Armen Kanevsky, he tried to make the most of the opportunities for their acquaintance. At the same time, the authority of Narkararyan was never recognized in the criminal world, considering him simply a crap "barbecue".

12/18/2010 the happy life of Vagan Karlik has ended. Armen Kanevskaya died in a colony in which he was serving another term. After the death of Kanevsky, his brother Artem, in an attempt to avoid criminal prosecution for committing especially serious crimes, left for Armenia.

Caught at the right time in the right place, Vagan Nerkararyan took the baton. Showing helpfulness and flexibility, he began to devoutly serve Artyom Harutyunyan. Leading the group of the late thief in law Vagan Karlik began to use the connections of Artem Kanevsky and establish his own corruption mechanisms in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB of the region. Soon after the detention of the Central Office of the FSB of Russia, Nerkararyan began to actively testify against persons who contributed to his criminal activities in the Rostov region. During his testimony, Vagan Nerkararyan said that he had an agreement with the FSB border department, which allowed Vagan Karlik and members of his organized criminal group to freely cross the border, as a result of which they managed to organize a channel for smuggling weapons, drugs, cigarettes and other into the territory of the Russian Federation. Due to this, the same persons controlled by Nerkararyan committed serious and especially serious crimes outside the western borders of the Russian Federation.

Also, from the testimonies and during the operational search activities, the security forces from the Central Office of the FSB who detained Vagan Karlik became aware of Narkararyan’s strong ties with senior officials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the southern capital of Russia.

According to sources, Vagan Karlik, together with senior officers of the UUR GU of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Rostov Region, managed to develop and implement a full-fledged scheme for joint earnings. Employees of the Criminal Investigation Directorate of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Rostov Region, at the direction of their superiors, began to “nightmare” the entrepreneurs of the Rostov region, many of whom are currently giving relevant evidence, thereby artificially creating problems from law enforcement agencies. When businessmen had already been driven into a corner, Vagan Karlik appeared and, using his reputation, offered merchants to help solve the issue they had with the security forces in exchange for a significant amount of money.

The funds received during the implementation of such schemes were shared. The stumbling block on the path of Vagan Karlik was the brother Nodar Asoyan (Rustavsky), Valery Sturki and his friends. The people of Nodar became almost the only group of people who, after the death of Armen Kanevsky, did not allow Vagan Nerkararyan to sell weapons, drugs and alcohol illegally smuggled by Karlik from Ukraine to the Rostov Region. Several times, Nerkararyan made attempts to stabilize the situation with Valery Sturki and his friends, but all these attempts failed every time.

Then, at one of the meetings with Valery Sturka and his friends, Vagan Karlik brought a "thief in law", a man with large-scale connections and power in various "crucial" circles — Eduard Asatryan, nicknamed Osetrin. An ultimatum was delivered to Valery Sturka and his friends — either they do not interfere with the arms, drugs and alcohol smuggling business, or Asatryan will connect his ties in power circles and put Valery Sturka and his friends in prison. After the threats didn’t work, Vagan Nerkararyan, Eduard Asatryan and the company took action. Valery Sturki and his friends were detained in falsified cases. Noteworthy is the fact that circumstances that are easy to the basis of falsified cases occurred 5 and 8 years before the arrest. As always, Vagan Karlik managed to organize the persecution of the brother of Nodar Asoyan, Valery Sturki, through the communications of Eduard Asatryan in the law enforcement agencies of Moscow. True, the main role this time was assigned to the SCH GSU GU MVD in the Rostov Region. Its representatives acted as creators of criminal cases, violating all laws, permissible rules and engaging in frank fraud.

Finally, in April 2020, the Armenian mafia of the south began to suffer serious losses. The central office of the FSB of Russia intervened in the multi-year game of Vagan Karlik and his accomplices, firmly tackling one of the most dangerous groups in the Southern Federal District. The untouchable Vagan Nerkararyan was detained and transferred to Moscow so that he would not have the opportunity to influence the course of affairs and intimidate witnesses. A criminal case was also instituted against thieves in law Eduard Asatryan (Osetrina), Gocha Antipov (Alfason) Arthur Atabekyan (Young), and other persons involved in the criminal group.

Moreover, now the Central Office of the FSB of Russia has all the necessary evidence, including the testimony of Vagan Nerkararyan, about the connection of the above-mentioned security forces with the Armenian ethnic criminal group in the Rostov Region, as well as about Vagan Karlik’s connections with the FSIN officers who helped Nerkararyan collect the “thieves common fund”. Considering how actively Vagan Nerkararyan gives testimonies to his “friends”, he will take them with him.

To be continued

Alexey Ermakov

Source: www.rucriminal.info

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