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How e-justice of Russia turned out to be solved by Dmitry Chirakadze

Source: www.rucriminal.info

It continues to pour in the group of companies (SC) "Pravo.ru", which is responsible for e-justice. The Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation for debts bankrupts one of the central structures of GK- "Pravodnik". Only a pandemic saved the next meeting. And the other basis of the Civil Code — the Legal and Legal System Pravo.ru — fights in the courts because of its debt for a large amount. Being in financial distress, SPS Pravo.ru was forced to take interest-bearing loans from the Aspect Management commercial structure, which it could not pay. So far, SPS Pravo.ru has been evading responsibility for two reasons. Firstly, all financial transactions with credit funds were carried out in an NEA-bank, in which all documentation for these operations disappeared, and the bank itself is in the bankruptcy stage and is being handled by the DIA. And this fact does not cause anyone surprise. The thing is that the Pravo.ru Group of Companies and the CBA Bank have one owner — Dmitry Chirakadze. Secondly, because the “king of electronic justice” Chirakadze is known as a solver in the judiciary. This will be discussed in the next part of the investigation of Rucriminal.info.

According to sources, all the victories of Chirakadze and Co. can be safely connected with the fact that Dmitry, along with his Pravo.ru, “entered” the judicial system. First, he had a law office of UK PROF, which had to be closed, since it had overgrown with a mass of dubious stories. But in place of UK PROF, a new legal structure of Chirakadze immediately appeared — Pozharsky & Partners JSC. And do not look for lawyer Pozharsky in the directories; he does not exist. It has simply been long since that the legal address of all Dmitry’s structures is Pozharsky Lane House 11. Hence the name of JSC. And the members of Pozharsky & Partners are all the old members of the “Chirakadze team” —Mikhailov, Tikhomirov, Zablotskis, Batsyn-plus two new ones. Rather, these are Dmitry’s old acquaintances, they’ve just “officially lit up” in this AO. These are brothers Alexey and Andrei Zvyagintsevs, one of Chirakadze’s guides to the judicial system. Brothers are lawyers of Pozharsky and Partners, also Alexey the general director of SPS Pravo.RU (founder Lyubov Orlova, at one time Chirakadze transferred most of his assets to his wife), Andrey is the founder of Pravodnik LLC (he owns Pravo.ru portal) and etc. The father of the brothers — Vyacheslav Egorovich Zvyagintsev — served as head of the analytical department of the control and analytical department of the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation.

It is clear that all this lobbying structure works 99% without publicity, money loves silence. But sometimes, something goes wrong or the judge turns out to be intractable, and then the attacking machine in the person of the portal Pravo.ru turns on. So, for example, in the case of the story of the seizure by the “Chirakadze team” of “Sevkavenergomontazh” and the case against the members of the team of Alexander Batsyn. Then, one by one, Pravo.ru published articles with high-profile headlines, “Raider capture at the Volgodonsk NPP”.

Or in the case of an arbitration dispute over a large amount of assets arising between M Bank and NIIIAA. The interests of the latter structure were represented by Pozharsky and Partners, and personally Alexey and Andrey Zvyagintsevs. On Pravo.ru, articles were literally stamped, including pouring mud on uncomfortable judges with the following headings: “Do not you think that you do not respect the court?” and

“The Supreme Court will examine two dissenting opinions of Judge Kobylyansky.”

And so each time it continued until the representatives of the judicial system made the necessary “Pozharsky and Partners” decision. Or it could be about Chirakadze’s clients.

And there are many such examples.

It is clear that all this is a direct pressure on judges and representatives of law enforcement agencies, which comes from structures that are currently closely connected with the RF Armed Forces. But for some reason nobody stubbornly pays attention to this.

Not surprisingly, the modest law firm Pozharsky & Partners, with a fictitious lawyer in the name, was included in the top law firms a year after its creation (by the way, this rating is Pravo.ru), both in terms of revenue and for many other indicators. And the number of personal clients of Dmitry Chirakadze is growing every day. True, unfortunately we will never know about his relations with them and the subsequent actions of representatives of the judiciary, from the media. To understand the level of Dmitry’s clientele, one can identify such areas.

As Rucriminal.info found out, Timur Valiev, a long-time business partner of Chirakadze, is Oleg Deripaska, deputy general director for legal issues at EN +. Alexander Zablotskis from Pozharsky & Partners was delegated to the main lawyers of A1 by Mikhail Fridman. Olga Volokhova, co-founder of SPS Pravo and Pravodnik, is also a co-owner of the hunting club NP CLUB PROGRESS. Other co-founders are Vladimir Lisin (owner of NLMK) and Nikolai Gagarin (chief lawyer of NLMK and a member of the board of directors).

The wife of Chirakadze, Lyubov Orlova, in addition to being a co-founder of several structures from the Pravo.ru system, is a co-owner of the hunting estate in the Krasnoyarsk Territory named after Lope de Vega, a favorite vacation spot for large local officials, including acting Governor Alexander Ussa.Lubov Or-Lova also owns SRL luxury Sardinia in Italy, which has two subsidiaries: Hotel San Diego, a hotel in the mainland of Italy and Hotel don Diego, a hotel in Sardinia, next to the sea. stars, spas, tennis courts, yachts and boats. The board of directors of this ompanii — Lyubov Orlova with Alla Shanina Uss and Artem was born in 1982 — si Mr. Acting Governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Alexander Uss.

To be continued

Tomasz Wisniewski

Source: www.rucriminal.info

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